BMW HT Convertible

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BMW Convertible

MSRP     $32,450
Transmission     7-speed automatic
Drivetrain     AWD
CO₂ emissions     6,440 kg/year
Engine     V4 Inline 2.2 l
Power     180 hp @ 6,250 rpm (455 kW)
Torque     200 lb·ft @ 6,,250 rpm (560 N·m)
Induction     Turbocharged
Bore     82.1 mm
Stroke     89.9 mm
Fuel type     Premium

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bmw hardtop convertible exotic car rental

BMW 330i Hardtop Convertible

The BMW hard top convertible is the perfect rental for those that like the conservative side of luxury in only a way that Fantasy Exotic Car Rental can provide.